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Feel it, believe it!

Dream it, be it!

Because it is exactly what I did.

I have been a part of this school for many years and witnessed many good and unforgettable moments here. I felt overwhelmed when my name was announced as the head girl of the school. Being a head girl is really a matter of great delight. Moreover being a head girl twice is the icing on the cake. I owe my heartiest thanks to our respected Principal ma’am for considering my worthy of being the head girl and guiding me from time to time. I also thank all my teachers who have left no stone unturned to hone the students and help them in their all-round development.

In the beginning when this responsibility was given to me, I felt that it was a quite a difficult job to be performed and very soon I realized that this responsibility requires a lot of patience.

A man without patience is a lamp without oil and for me responsibility and reputation matters a lot.

“When I did well, I heard it never; when I did ill, I heard it ever” is an old English proverb but has a deep meaning inside. As a head girl, my only goal is to prove myself as a positive role model in this school. So that even when I leave this school, the school will remember me as a responsible and sincere head girl. This badge means a lot to me; I possess the trust and the faith which the teachers have on me.

I have carried my duties with the best of my ability and will always cherish the memory of my school life.