Messages     Principal’s Message

Education is the only medium which enables us to strengthen our inborn capacities and capabilities and to bring change and improvisation in these qualities. Education is complete only when all the senses of man are nurtured and shaped, knowledge imparted, curiosity satiated and opportunity provided. DPS Saharanpur is here to give its students this kind of complete education by assimilating activities in academics.

DPS is continuously extending efforts to bring an all round development of its students. With its modern techniques and methodologies, DPS can surely bring a sea change in the education standards of Saharanpur. The love and affection shown by our students for their school and mentors and their enthusiasm to learn have made all our efforts worth the while.

I congratulate all the staff and students for their unending effort to keep high the spirit of achievement and excellence. The confidence and cooperation of the parents gives an impetus to our efforts and encourages us to take DPS higher to the pinnacle of glory. Let the sky be the limit for us...

Mrs. Poonam Shrivastava